Public Affairs

Regulation has always influenced the economy – as an instrument to close off markets, but also as a means of creating new markets.

Keeping track of all the provisions, rules, and agents involved can be difficult and is often not part of the core business. These can, nonetheless, affect the respective business model in many ways and have an effect on its success. Therefore, it is all the more important for startups to realize the risks and chances of regulation right from the beginning. A business model can become all the more a success if, from the very start, an effective communication is established between startups, public authorities and politics. From this perspective, the entrepreneur – from the beginning – is also a lobbyist at the same time.

Our strength is to shape regulation and de-regulation together. We are sparring partner, discussant and campaigner for your cause. You can call it lobbyism or stakeholder management – for us, it is only your success that counts. Let us create markets together!

Services include:

  • Consulting and support for the realization of studies (and their communication)
  • Workshops to determine your interests
  • Preparation for and support during official appointments with public authorities and politicians
  • Positioning the management as expert in your respective range of topics
  • Interim management